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grapl for you

Grappling with an idea? Want to share with and get feedback from your friends or co-workers? Loop them into our powerful, collaborative, online meeting space where work gets done.

Video & Chat Meetings

Video & Chat Meetings

Increase meeting engagement by using your current productivity tools in a persistent work environment where your meetings are recorded & transcribed, all documents can be collaborated on in real-time, and you have access to a marketplace of tools & integrations.

Real-time Team Collaboration

Pull any of your documents into a meeting in order to share and collaborate with others. Use the pervasive whiteboard to iterate and suggest changes to your documents and share with others.

Real-time Team Collaboration
Marketplace of Syncs

Marketplace of Tools & Integrations

Need to share documents from your Google Drive? Want to discuss your sales pipeline from within your CRM? Simply browse our Marketplace of Tools and Integrations add applications to a specific room with our single click integrations. Tools and Integration will remain connected to that room for all future engagements.

Time Travel/Transcription and Collaboration History

What if you could travel back in time without driving 88 MPH, and relive an internal meeting or customer call? What if you could review specific topics that were discussed during these engagements or go back to a specific point during the meeting? Now you can. Simply review the transcription or search for phrases that were discussed.

Time Travel
Meeting Analytics

Meeting Analytics

Find out interesting productivity and customer insights such as how long your average meeting lasts, how many customer meetings you had last month, or which customers take up the most time. Powerful reporting to support your data driven decisions.


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