Never lose track of your ideas, meetings, or projects again.

Always pick up where you left off. 

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Workplace tools have changed; Why haven’t yours?

What is Grapl?

A revolutionary command center to help you find information and strengthen your communication and collaboration with customers, projects, and teams.


Recapture 40 Hours of Productivity Every Month

  • The average person spends over 2 hours per day just looking for information to do their job (That’s over 40 hours per month)
  • No More wasting the first 10 minutes of a meeting gathering your thoughts
  • Have all your notes and presentations at your fingertips, when you need them
  • No more misplaced documents and files
  • Review previous meeting transcripts and recordings to confirm key take always
  • All participants will have persistent access to all content before, during, and after every meeting
Recapture 40 Hours of Productivity
Persistent Collaboration Rooms

Persistent Collaboration Rooms

Think of it as your Central Command Center for all your communication and collaboration needs.

  • Access to your meeting essentials
  • Historical information relating to any engagement, document edit, or collaboration that has ever taken place within your room.

Record, Transcribe & Search

  • Room recording and transcription for both on and offline communication
  • Search transcriptions for keywords and phrases
  • Uncover customer sentiment or lost revenue opportunities
  • Improve your customer notes by associating transcription snippets to customer accounts and opportunities in your CRM
Record, Transcribe & Search
Time Travel

Time Travel

  • All room sessions and interactions can be recorded and synchronized with previous interactions from within the same room
  • Any meeting or series of meetings can be reviewed at anytime
  • Rewind to any point during a meeting and see what was being discussed and which Tools were in use
  • Ensure audit readiness by having a persistent record of all meeting room sessions

Marketplace of Tools & Integrations

Easily share and collaborate on content across all rooms participants by browsing our marketplace and add any Integrations to the room with a click

  • Share your Asana project plan
  • Discuss your Hubspot sales pipeline
  • Present a slide deck that is stored in your Google Drive
Marketplace of Syncs

Trusted by leading enterprises and innovative startups around the world

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Telehealth Options
Telehealth Options

What exactly is a Persistent Workspace anyway?

An online meeting room that stays intact from session to session, including all associated applications and documents, which may be updated, but remains permanent.

Why robust collaborative meeting tools matter

Here’s what many industry experts are saying about the need for improved meetings and
collaboration in today’s remote world.


Ineffective meetings cost up to $70 to $283 billion to the US economy....

Doodle Inc

A survey of 6,500 people from the USA, UK, and Germany found that among the 19 million meetings that were observed, the ineffective meetings cost up to $399 billion in the US and $58 billion in the UK....


95% of meeting attendees lose focus and miss parts of the meeting, while 39% doze off at meetings....

HR Digest

Ineffective meetings make professionals lose 31 hours every month, which sums up to 4 working days....


15% of an organization's time is spent in meetings, which has increased every year since 2008...

Companies and organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain the best employees.

83% of professionals depend on technology to collaborate...

4.3 million people in the USA work from home at least half the time...


88% of education professionals say video conferencing tools will help more students earn advanced degrees... 

Persistent across all your devices

Persistent across all your devices

GRAPL Integrations intelligently reorient themselves to naturally fit every platform. Pick up where you left off from any device.