Grapl For Your Products

Implement our white label version of Grapl, branded for your products, and take advantage of all the powerful tools available in our persistent collaborative rooms.

Real-time Team Collaboration

Real-time Team Collaboration

Take your product’s collaboration to the next level. Integrate GRAPL with your products to allow customers to pull any documents and images into a room for their collaboration needs. Give them access to GRAPL’s pervasive whiteboard to enhance iteration and changes suggestions with others.

Meeting & Chat

Meeting & Chat

Increase engagement and content retention within your products by using GRAPL’s white labeled persistent rooms. Meetings get recorded & transcribed, documents can be collaborated on in real-time, and your customers will have access to our marketplace of integrations & integrations

Marketplace of Syncs/Integrations

Marketplace of Tools & Integrations

Your customers will have access to GRAPL’s marketplace of tools and integrations. With a single click, users will be able to add any available application to their rooms, which provides easy access to documents, images, notes and other data that may reside in other applications.

Marketplace of Syncs

Need to share documents from your Google Drive? Want to discuss your sales pipeline from within your CRM? Simply browse our Marketplace of Integrations and add applications to a specific room with our single click integrations. Integrations will remain connected to that room for all future engagements


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